This is a natural method published by Dr. Jonas and is based on the fact that a woman's fertility correlates exactly to the phase of the moon at the time of her own birth. Research has proven the method to be highly reliable, but since it is based on astrology it is not a scientific study and does not purport to be. 
Calculation of your personal fertile phases for one calender year for 29 € per PDF. 
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The written Relocation Report can be helpful, if you have a certain city in mind and you want to find out, what you can expect from this place when you visit it or want to move there.

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Ever heard of Astro-Geography? This is a mapping technique showing those locations on the Earth's surface where planets are angular at the time of birth (in natal and mundane astrology). The method graphically displays planetary lines on a map and point out where the individual can expect to experience the effects of the planet under observation, either by going to a location on the line, or having important contacts, such as family, romantic or business connections there. The most important thing to consider when interpreting your personal "Astromap" is the condition of the planets in the natal chart.

Consultation takes approx. 30 minutes (also possible online via Zoom) and is offered at a rate of 70 €.

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Astrological counseling can be inspiring and rewarding at any time in your life. I am happy to supply you with a voucher for a counseling session of your choice! For more information please contact me.